Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

    Street lights form an integral component in providing clarity on the outside of homes, offices and spaces such as gardens and parks. It is important to have appropriate street lighting columns to support the selected street lights at any outdoor space to ensure safety besides aesthetics.


    The market offers a plethora of street lighting columns that support a myriad of lighting designs to form an excellent outdoor lighting structure that lights up the outdoor space. The wide range of fixture styles and designs in the market allow any space to be delightfully decorated while exuding clarity at that space.

    The best of led flood light columns or fixtures enhances the elegance and functionality of the space to the pride of the owners or users. There are mega lighting stores in town and on the Internet to select the best of path lighting, accent lighting or flood lighting in high or low voltages to meet the environment’s requirements, owner preference and budget.

    However, there may be a need to adhere to the local municipal’s legislation on the design and light intensity if the light is close to the public spaces.

    Factors of considerations

    There are several factors of consideration when implementing the best of street columns. There are different types of columns which are chosen to enhance the aesthetics of the space but priority should be given to the degree of safety offered by that preferred street lighting column as the structure would be implemented in a public area outside a building or property where a higher traffic volume is expected.

    Hence, it is required that proper safety features should be taken into serious consideration when it comes to the choice of street columns in any outdoor environment.

    Unique styles and designs may be exotic and modern but safety is a high priority where there is heavy traffic in the designated space at night when vision is hindered to some extent.

    The budget would be another important factor of consideration with lighting columns for private installations as the property or premise owner would need to identify the number of columns required to lighten up the allotted space. Home or landscape designers are experts in identifying the number of lighting columns to brighten the outdoor space to serve its purpose.

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