Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

    Gone are the days when all things in metal were considered the best. Move over metal, and make way for Precision Plastic Machining. Plastic is durable, affordable and so much more flexible than metal. If you can dream it, you can build it – in plastic. Plastic Machining is the need of the hour today. Scores of industries including medical, fluid-handling, aerospace and even semi-conductor industries heavily depend on Machined Plastic products.

    Plastic, though being such a versatile substance, needs precision and efficiency to be molded in to shapes that are useful, yet cost effective. Low electrical conductivity, low density, durability and transparency are some aspects that that make plastic so adaptable. There are few companies who provide expertise in engineering capabilities to give the highest quality Machined Plastic. These experts use the latest CNC low volume machining along with conventional machines that are capable of machining virtually any plastic component you may require.

    Precision Machining of plastics have several advantages over their metallic counterparts. During the machining process plastics are able to warp, bend, shrink and even expand. Another advantage that Plastic Machining experts get is a special material pricing, compared to metals.

    Precision Plastic Machining is not the same as injection molding. They are different in many ways. It is easier to machine tighter substances whereas injection molders have problems with that. Also, unlike some injection molded parts, Machined Plastics don’t need secondary operations. With this new technique you can also save up on tooling and maintenance costs. Injection molding also proves costlier during low volume runs. Another major advantage Plastic Precision Machining has over injection molding is that there’s no quantity variance on orders, whereas molders usually have an attrition rate. Based on quantities, design, tolerances and material, machining of plastics offers competitive pricing on production runs.

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