Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

    The bottle cap has a handle for easy transportation and a built-in cup for clutter-free measurement. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring cap with the recommended dose of cleaner and pour it directly into a bucket or into the Freedom Mop container. A bottle produces four liters of cleaner and this innovative package prevents spilled liquids and eliminates the need for a separate measuring cup. However, as we have just seen, this range can often be difficult to achieve in certain seasons in certain parts of the country. That is why we have developed three different types of hardwood floor constructions at Lauzon that allow you to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors wherever you live. The original SC Johnson Paste Wax is all you need when the service calls.

    A bottle lasts longer than most other cleaning agents, increasing affordability and total value. Use it alongside hardwood to clean tiles, linoleum, vinyl and other floor materials. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a high-quality solution that marks all boxes. Thanks to the practical spray bottle, it is easy to apply the quick-drying formula in a uniform layer.

    Hard finish waxing is an option to restore some of the most worn wooden planks. SC Johnson’s multifunctional formula deeply cleans hardwood floors and leaves ultra-rich satin glow. You can also use it on wooden, leather, metal, cork and vinyl furniture.

    If you dream of new hardwood floors, now is the time to visit Bockrath Flooring & Rugs in Dayton, OH, to see one of the best selections of hardwood floors in this area. Because we wear these brands, we can also offer their lines and collections. There are literally thousands of options available to cover every color shade, table width, surface preparation (smooth, hand scraping, distraught, matte, etc.). Occasionally, wear will occur as scratches, scratches, water stains and opacity are imminent. However, the finish removes all those traces of use and reduces them to a new level of intact wood. This layer can be refined in your choice of stain color and type finish, as if you were starting over with new floors.

    Do not use a steam head or conventional wet mop, as excessive moisture can dampen the surface over time. If you discover that your hardwood floors have lost their shine, try using a hardwood floor cleaner. Ask Managed Floorcare Rental Service the professional who installed the apartment to recommend the best cleaning solutions. Whichever cleaner you choose, the process for cleaning hardwood floors and cleaning technical hardwood floors is the same.